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New Long Barrow at Soulton

Plans to build the first barrow in Shropshire in thousands of years.

We are delighted to announce a collaboration with Sacred Stones which will seek to bring about the construction of the first barrow in Shropshire in thousands of years.  Below is an artist's impression of the structure we hope to create and on which planning consultation is currently in progress. 

IiThis follows on from the creation of two extraordinarily beautiful new barrows at All Cannings in Wiltshire and at Willow Row in Cambridgeshire and the same team of master craftsmen will be involved here.  A site has been identified in open country on our farm a quarter of a mile to the north of the manor house; between two natural ponds each surrounded by open copse of trees the site has fine views to Hawkstone Hill -- a place of timeless quietness hosting a diversity of wildlife. 

When complete, this will be an enduring memorial  providing a place for reflection and renewal and a beautiful, subtle and abiding monument. 

Further details about the project can be found on the Sacred Stones Website

The video below explains the project in more detail, looking at the building of the new Cambridgeshire Barrow at Willow Row. 

We have approached this project with a great deal of sensitivity.  We care for an ancient landscape with significant archaeology already on this farm and we have had some fantastic support and engagement from Cambridge University's Division of Archaeology, from Shropshire Council's Historic Environment Team, and we also undertook to visit a number of Neolithic sites to inform the design over a period of many months.  

BBC Coverage

BBC Shropshire covered the announcemnt of the project in the the vidoe below:

Facebook Community

There is now a Facebook Community for this project, which you can access by tapping through via the plug-in below.

New Long Barrow at Soulton

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Soulton Hall, Soulton, Nr. Wem, Shrewsbury, Shropshire, SY4 5RS