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Archaeology Developments

A new understanding of the manor's archaeology from David Hall and Bill Franklin.

Today -- because of co-operation on the barrow -- we welcomed two distinguished Cambridge archaeologists here: David Hall and Bill Franklin. 

We learned lots!

LIDAR imaging of the landscape and field walking tells us that:

  • our woodland is full of medieval features;
  • our mound feature was in fact built in the anarchy of King Stephen/Empress Matilda 1135-54;
  • the gardens here were once much bigger and ran for many meters to the south and east of the hall, traces can still be seen from the air; 
  • that the hall has most likely always been on the present site;
  • Soulton Road seems to have moved significantly. 

We will share the LIDAR images and more details when we can!

UPDATE: LIDAR images and some further detail are available here

Below is a picture of one of the more significant earthworks, with the hall beyond:

Archaeology Developments

01939 232786
Soulton Hall, Soulton, Nr. Wem, Shrewsbury, Shropshire, SY4 5RS