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Conservation Agriculture - "No Till"

We practice 'no-til' or conservation agriculture over the majorty of our farm. This is a form of farming which looks after soil health and biodiversity as well as targeting the storage of carbon in soils.  It involves seeking to eliminate cultivation (ploughing) and establishes crops by carefully placing seeds exactly where they would like to be, without disturbing the delicate balance of the soil.

Some guests have taken a keen interst in this farming system.  

A no till cover crop emerging - building soil heath and storing carbon

Winter Wheat established after spring beans - a no till crop   A 9 species cover crop, building foil fertility and health - some of the more sensitive plants are killed by frost

Possibily the most convenient way of learning more about this apraoch is to watch this video of a lecture given by a farmer called Gabe Brown who farms in the United States. 

The guiding principle is that nature manages soil better when it is left alone. The benefits of this system are that we can dramatically reduce atrificial inputs (fertilisers and sprays) while increasing soil organic matter and improving soil biology. This in turn reduces CO2 and is more sustainable

Oxford University and Harper Adams University Experiment

We have been hosting an expriment to look at the soil biome under different management, you can find out more about that here

Farming and Wildlife

We are lucky to have a wonerful setting at the heart of our own farm and woodland in Shropshire.  

Below are some of our latest pictures shared to Instagarm


01939 232786
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