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The Soulton Long Barrow

Aligned to the rising sun on midsummer's day, the Soulton Long Barrow is only the second such monument to have been built for 5,5000 years. 


The roof of Chamber 1


Taking its inspiration from the dawn of farming and architecture in the Neolithic, this pioneering monument is a focus for honouring loved ones, for contemplation, for celebration, for wonder, and for supporting community and each other. 

Years of collaboration with Sacred Stones and researchers at Cambridge University has enabled the construction of a beautiful, sincere and enduring monument on our farm.



One of the important but initially surprising things about the barrow is the way it develops and sustains a true community and through it mutual support.  It is very uplifiting to observe.  


Ritual - Pressing copper(pennies) into mortar. Remembering grandad, father, husband.

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There is a growing community around the barrow, some of whom are active on social media. 

The very active Facebook page in particular may be of interst, as will be the hashtag #soultonlongbarrow on instagram.


About the Project and "The Journey" 

We are fortunate that this project has caught the  attention of BBC Countryfile and BBC Midlands as well as writers for Daily Mailthe GuardainShropshire Life, Shropshire Star, CLA as well as Micheal and Rupert of Standing with Stones.  A selection of media from them and from participants in the project is set out in the pannel to the right of this page (or below if you are using a smart phone/tablet). 

This video of an early open day also gives a lovely indication of the atmosphere.   


The Arts 

The Soulton Long Barrow has actvated an inspiring amount of creativity for all kinds of artists attracted by both the requirement to create memorials and also by the power and beauty of the project -- you can find out more about this energy here


Reserving a space in the barrow 

We are always very touched when the barrow is found to 'fit'.  If you are intersted in reserving a niche, please direct barrow inquiries to Sacred Stones in the first instance.  

You can reach Bev or Toby for more infomation by the following methods:

  • e:
  • t: 01234 780 280 


Open Days and Access 

The barrow is first and foremost a working monument for people and families we care a lot for.  It is also a nurturing, thriving creative hub and space for refelction. 

There are regualr public Open Days for the barrow, and details of those may be found here


There is permissive access for the general public to walk to the barrow following the stoned lane to the barrow north of Soulton Hall on Soulton Road; this passes three standing stones, showing you the way.  You are permitted by the consent of the Ashton family to park on the hall's second drive (where there is a bend in the sanstone wall) in order to walk up. 



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The barrow's interior is not not open to the public apart from open days and other public events (notified on social medai and Soulton Hall/Sacred Stones homepages). 

Families who are part of the barrow community have access to the interior with a code at any reasonable time, and may apply for a permit to drive to the barrow where they have access needs. 


Also inviting you to share your #soultonlongbarrow pictures on #worldphotoday

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Please treat the monument with respect and observe the countryside code while using the access to the barrow. 






Inside #soultonlongbarrow

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"It took years to find the Right Place" -- Diana talks about what the barrow means to her:


Countryfile Visit


Shropshire Barrow

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"oh my word. It’s so calming" -- Matt Baker

"It takes your breath away, litteraly. It’s sort of magical" -- Ellie Harrison

Learn more about their visit to the barrow here

Countryfile Visit


News Coverage 

David Gregory-Kumar came that day we raised the standing stones and began the project.  


Guardain Artilce 

Oliver Wainrwright, Architecture & Design Critic for the Guardain visited the barrow and had these reflections.

BBC Coverage 

BBC Midlands visied as construction on the first chamber neared completion,


Prof Marie Louise Stig Sørensen Professor of Archaeology at Cambridge University discusses the themes and inspirations of the barrow with Tim Ashton. 



You may find this essay written for LMH, Oxford University a useful insight into the project's inspirations and values. 


Sacred Stones

This project is a collaboration with Sacred Stones


Star shining bright over the Soulton long barrow. A final resting place and a beautiful place to mark the celebration of life.

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