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Soulton Hall Coat of Arms

Coat of Arms

From time to time we are asked about the coat of arms which are carved above our front door and are used in our livery.  It is the marital coat of arms of Thomas Hill and his wife Sarah, which was formed when they married in 1668. This is the coat of arms above the Soulton Hall front door; it is the marital coat of arms of Thomas Hill and his wife Sarah. 

The blazen of the quaterings is as flows:
  • Hill of Court of Hill ermine, on a fesse sable a triple towered castle argent
  • Hill of Longslow: Sable, a lion rampent argent, langued and armed, crowned or between three croffed fromee fitchee of the second;
  • Evans of Watstay, Co Denbigh Argent, a fesse between three fleur-de-lys, sable;
  • Eyton of Rhiwabon C Denbigh ermine, a lion rampant crowned or, langued and armed;
  • Bird of Charleton, per pale or and argent, an eale displayed, beaked and armed;
  • Hill of Buntinsdale;  gules, a chevron between three pheons argent, pionts downwards;
  • Lloyd, (Bishop of St Asaph, 1680) argent, a chevron between three crows sable, each holding in its beak an ermine spot;
  • Grifith, Lord of Bromfield Play of eight argent and gules, a lion rampant sable;

This is a coloured version of the arms:



We have a genuine emphasis of sustainability here.  

The manor house is heated by ground source heating, and electricity is generated onsite from solar PV.  

Meanwhile on our farm we practice conservation 'no til' agriculture.   

More information on Sustainability

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