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Wedding Terms and Conditions

I. Confirmation and Payment Schedule
To secure a booking we require written confirmation from the client of the booking, a copy of our terms signed and accepted by the client, and a non-refundable payment in instalments as follows:
(a) for Exclusive Use of Soulton Hall:
a. on booking 50% of exclusive use charge;
b. six months before Wedding Day 25 per cent of the exclusive use charge;
c. three months before the Wedding Day the 25% balance of the exclusive use charge is
(b) for non-Exclusive/Daytime Use of Soulton Hall £330.00
is due on booking.
Any extra costs incurred on the wedding day are to be settled in full
before departure.
II. Catering and Guest Numbers
The final number of guests attending together menus should be
provided fourteen days before the wedding date.
III. Corkage
There is no corkage service at Soulton Hall.
IV. Marquees
When a marquee is erected in the grounds of Soulton Hall it will be by private arrangement between the marquee provider and the client. The marquee should be erected no more than three days before the date of use and should be removed not more than three
days after the date of the wedding.
V. Use of Soulton Hall by Clients and their Guests
The Client and guests attending the wedding shall:
(a) comply with all licensing, health and safety, fire prevention and other general legal regulations relating to Soulton Hall – Our health and safety policy, fire risk management policies contractor compliance requirements etc;
(b) comply with all specific rules relating to the use of Soulton Hall;
(c) consume no food or drink at Soulton Hall that has not been supplied by Soulton Hall without the prior permission of the Proprietor;
(d) not act in an improper or disorderly manner, leave promptly at the appropriate time and comply with reasonable requests made by the Proprietor or employees of Soulton Hall;
(e) children and others with special requirements are welcome at weddings, but parents and carers should be aware that there are potential hazards in Soulton Hall and in its grounds; we will not accept any liability for personal injury excepting those criteria established in law.
VI. Cancellation by the Client
In all circumstances, notification of cancellation must be made in writing (letter or email) and shall be effective from the date it is received by Soulton Hall. The following cancellation terms apply:
(a) Cancellation over three months in advance: all payments then due by operation of paragraph I above will be forfeited;
(b) Cancellation between the three months and the wedding date: the total cost (not including estimated catering costs) but including any cancellation charge. made by a subcontractor to Soulton Hall for the Client's wedding will be uncured. If another ooking is obtained from a third party on no less favourable terms.
VII. Cancellation by Soulton Hall
Soulton Hall may cancel bookings under the following circumstances:
(a) if Soulton Hall or any part of it has to close due to circumstances outside of its control e.g. fire, flood, etc;
(b) if the client becomes insolvent or enters into liquidation or receivership;
(c) if the Client is in arrears with payments due to Soulton Hall for ten days or more;
(d) Death, serious injury or illness of the Proprietor or an immediate member of the Proprietor's family.
In such circumstances the Soulton Hall may at its desecration refund any advance payment but will have no further liability to the Client.
VIII. Insurance and Damage
We strongly recommend that all clients arrange wedding insurance cover. For Exclusive Use weddings we require a copy of the policy. The Client will be liable for any loss or damage sustained to Soulton Hall, cartilage and furnishings by themselves or their guests or children agents vehicles or dogs associated with their party. The client shall pay to the Proprietor on demand the sum required to make good or remedy such damage including compensation for any loss of business while the damage is repaired. In the event that these rights are triggered, they are capable of transferring by subrogation to our insurers at the relevant time.
IX. General
(a) Soulton Hall will take reasonable steps to fulfil the reservation to the best of its ability and in accordance with the details provided, however, it reserves the right to provide alternative services of at least equivalent standard at no extra cost.
(b) Ceremonies only are not available here: we expect to cater for celebrations here, as this is a full service venue.
(c) Whist the Proprietor has taken all reasonable steps to ensure that the information contained in its brochure, leaflets and other advertising is accurate, the rights to alter, substitute or withdraw any service, facility or amenity without notice if necessary are reserved.
(d) Neither Soulton Hall nor its Proprietor is responsible for in any way for arrangements made by the Client with the Registrar, bands, florists, or other providers of services at the wedding. Such providers of services will be regarded as agents of the client and must report to a member of Soulton Hall staff on arrival. Agents may not damage or mark Soulton Hall its fixtures or fittings and may not take any part of any plant growing in the gardens or estate of Soulton Hall. It is the responsibility of the Agent and the Client to see that they are properly equipped to perform their task and the Client shall indemnify Soulton Hall if it is required to assist an Agent beyond what is reasonable. 
(e) In the event of a client organising a marquee on the White Garden lawn it should have a connecting cover to Soulton Court in order to comply with health and safety
regulations. Soulton Halls must communicate its assent to this in writing. 
(f) Any band (no more than six pieces) or disco must be situated in the Long Room, Soulton Court or the Buttery, Soulton Hall to comply with noise regulations.
There will be no music after 12:00midnight and music shall at all times be of a reasonable volume.
X. The Contract
All rights and duties for Soulton Hall created in a contract will transfer to Soulton Hall LLP when constituted. Contracts are made under the law of England and Wales, and all parties submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales.

All weddings booked at Soulton Hall shall be subject to these terms. 

Wedding Terms and Conditions

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