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Emergency Theatre

In five weeks we have conceived, built, and established a theatre, as well and establishing a sequence of performances

Coming Performances 

For details of the performances that are comming up, and links to obtain tickets, please follow this link.

Work has been ongoing in the Soulton landscape to build a momumental space within the farm for some years now, indeed this was covered on BBC Countryfile last year


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The emergency facing culture and live perforamce was widely reported in July 2020. 

Combining the circumsance of the existing moumental and ritaul space we already had here, with the emergency that is clearly facing live performace, we dicided to see if we could help. 

This exciting and positive development has already brought a number of productions to our landscape, click here to see what is coming up

The new space has been discussed on BBC Radio Two:


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And it has also been reported in the Guardian

Here is Martin, the master mason who has been looking after the sone developments in out landscape expaling what we have done in an early phase of the performance space's construction.  It was finished in late July 2020 and we are waiting for the grass to grow there, with the earlierst performance in the sequence we have estabilshed in only a few weeks happening in the gardens at Soulton Hall. 


Emergency Theatre

01939 232786
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