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COVID-19 Information for Visitors to Soulton

Last updated: 23 February at 14:43 GMT

Please note:  the information provided on this webpage is reviewed regularly but links to other websites are updated frequently and may be subject to change. 

At a Glance 

The UK Prime Miniser stated in a press conference on 04 January 2021 that the United Kingdom would be entering a further period of lockdown coming in to effect that evening.  No date for the review/end of this situation has been given at the time of writing.  At the time he made this statement no regulations were available and Parliament had not reviewed the matter, so materails are limited to update of visitors by reference to. The effect of this is that further restrictions on the opperation of Soulton have been called in to being by the Prime Minister and will be given detailed force of law shortly.

We can assist with certain important cerimonies.  If you are local you can use the farm paths to exercise. Beyond this we cannot weclome visitors unless thier visit is connected with the following things; they: 

● are unable to return to your main residence
● need accommodation while moving house
● need accommodation to attend a funeral or related commemorative event
● require accommodation for work purposes or to provide voluntary services
● are a child requiring accommodation for school or care
● are homeless, seeking asylum, a vulnerable person seeking refuge, or if escaping harm (including domestic abuse)
● are an elite athlete or their support staff or parent, if the athlete is under 18 and it is necessary to be outside of the home for training or competition

In those circumsances we have selfcatering cottages and annexe rooms wich will support guests who need to be away but also maintain social distance. 

We would like to confirm that the paths through our farm remain open and local people, who may lawfully use them under the rules when they are set out, are warmly encoraged to use them to get safe excersise during this period. 


Visiting Soulton Long Barrow and Walking the Farm

You are very weclome to walk the farm; park in the second driveway over from the main hall drive.  



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General notes on making and keeping arrangements

Please avoid making arrangmetns via booking platforms such as as it is far easier to deal directly with guests in a dynamic setting like this.

Where arrangements have to be changed, we will most likely have been in touch already as things change. Please contact us if you have any qyestions. 

Useful links and materials 

The above is prepared by reference to the following legal materials. 


Further Notes 

Between March and July 2020 all UK businesses of our type were directed to close by Her Majesty's Govrenment.

This happened again between 05 November and 02 December 2020.

This happened once again from 04 January until a date yet to be identified. 


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