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Activities at and around Soulton Hall and Farm


Guests can walk from the front door along several miles of footpath and track through the Shropshire countryside around Soulton.  We have a 50 acre bluebell wood, rivers, the remains of a Norman castle and other archeology on the farm. You can learn more about Soulton Farm and see videos of the wildlife that is nurtured here by visiting the Farm and Woodland page.

We have recently introduced 2.7miles of permissive bridle way to the north of Soulton Hall, which is now a popular dog walk for our local community as well as our guests.  

All of this is great for dog owners

Soulton Wood in Spring

Bird watching

Soulton Farm hosts in excess of 83 UK bird species, with a special emphasis on field birds.  

We have at least 11 RSPB red status birds and 14 amber status birds here (Source: Professional Ecologist's Report, January 2013).  We are especially proud of the sizable breeding Lapwing population to the north of the house. 

Red and Amber Status irds at Soulton Hall

Wildlife watching

As with birds, there is a great deal of wildlife here at Soulton too.  If you are patient you can see wonderful sights, such as:

  • a buzzard hunting a rabbit,
  • hares boxing ealy on a March morning, 
  • the dart of a kingfisher by the brook.  

Even if you are not looking, you will easily see wild rabbits and birds that are not at all shy, especially if you are near a field which is having the ground worked up for a new crop.


At Soulton Farm there is plenty of space to enjoy the simple rural pleasures of the great outdoors, we are sure that children (with appropriate supervision) will have lots of fun on the farm.  

The National Trust recently produced a great list of 50 Things to Do Before you're 11 ¾ -- and we reckon you can do 37 of them on this farm!  

Enjoying Soulton Hall outside


While we certainly don't expect you to help us with the work of the farm!, many guests take an active interest in the farm's work, challenges and practices.  We respond enthusiastically to anyone who express an interest in the work of the farm, and are happy to explain how you can safely look at what is going on. 

Pre-history, the Saxons, Normans, Tudors and Georgians have all left their mark here, in a history spaning over a thousand years. 

More on our History

01939 232786
Soulton Hall, Soulton, Nr. Wem, Shrewsbury, Shropshire, SY4 5RS