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Local and own food

Home Produce

We are lucky to have walled gardens, combined with our farm and wonderful Shropshire countryside location. 

Garden at Shropshire Holiday Accommodation

This enables us to grow some of the food used in our meals ourselves, so our guests, at the right time of year, frequently eat produce picked moments earlier from the garden.

 ...from the fields, woods and hedges of our farm

Soulton Farm produces a significant quantity of food.  There are four beehives kept on the farm, from which we are able to produce our own honey. (In May, when the bees target the bluebells in Soulton Wood, our honey is a distinctive white colour).  

The farm also has pheasants, rabbits, and game and fowl for the table, in season.

 ...from the Gardens

The gardens (including the cottage gardens) produce practically all of the herbs we use, and is particularly productive of fruit, including: mulberries, gooseberries, loganberries, blackberries, raspberries; blackcurrants, redcurrants, whitecurrants; plums, sugar plums, damsons, greengages; cherries, pears, apples; rhubarb, quinces and crab-apples.  Often this fruit will be served in our desserts or to compliment other courses, but it also finds its way into jams and preserves.  Whilst we are not able to grow our own oranges, we do make homemade marmalade!

We are always trying to increase the amount of vegetables we are able to grow ourselves.

Local Food Makers

There are a huge number of artisan food producers in Shropshire and the surrounding area.  Many of them are diversified farms, and people we know well.  What they produce varies greatly, and includes:

The links above are to the websites of firms we have a long relationship with. There are others too, and naturally a degree of change over time.  What unifies this broad collection of produce is the fact that it is thoughtfully created by passionate individuals. 

Pre-history, the Saxons, Normans, Tudors and Georgians have all left their mark here, in a history spaning over a thousand years. 

More on our History

01939 232786
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