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Stewardship of Soulton Hall, its farm and buildings, and wildlife

 "A superb country manor...luxurious guest accommodation" --Country Living Magazine

Soulton Hall and Soulton CourtSoulton Hall is noble building, with a proud history, a flourishing present, and an exciting future.  

It is our privilege to care for this wonderful building, its contents, curtilage, farm and woodland.  This is demanding work, and requires high levels of dedication, investment and energy form us and our team.  As we do this, we are keen to think long term and endeavour to be sustainable.  

Each year, much of our resources actually go directly back into preserving and enhancing what is here.  This is possible because of the wonderful support that we receive from our loyal guests, many of whom we see again and again.  

With social media it is now possible to keep people informed about our work.  Some highlights/examples from the last 10 years include:

  • Transforming Soulton Court and saving this ancient building for the future using high levels of craftsmanship and quality materials;
  • Ongoing enhancement of Soulton Hall, including:
    • total renovation of the buttery, untouched in 80 years, and discovering the 1400s inglenook;
    • sensitive work on fire protection, suppression, compartmentation and detection;
    • development of a new laundry building and fitting out of quality service areas;
  • Creating a new walled garden;
  • Re-roofing each of:
    • Soulton Hall,
    • Soulton Court,
    • The Carriage House 
    • The Cedar Lodge 
    • Ploughman's and Herdsman's Cottages
    • Shooter's Lodge
  • Installing 204 solar panels to meet our electricity needs;
  • Serious consideration to ground source heating and other green measures for our properties;
  • 10 years of acheiving higher level countryside stewardship on the farm, winning a FWAG conservation award in 2007.

We again value the importance of the support we receive from our guests in making this all possible. 

Soulton Site

Contributing to the Local Economy 

The constant care of this farm, its properties, the manor house and curtilage, and gardens is worthwhile, and takes quite a lot of resources every single year.    

We do not mind this, because the protection, interpretation and enhancement of this manor is so important to us.  

We keep as much of our spending in the local, rural Shropshire economy as possible.  Details of craftsmen we use, and local businesses that work with us and sometimes our customers, can be found here.

01939 232786
Soulton Hall, Soulton, Nr. Wem, Shrewsbury, Shropshire, SY4 5RS