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The New Long Barrow at Soulton 



Deposits are now being taken, with a number of spaces already reserved.

For enquires about reserving niches in the barrow please make contact with Sacred Stones here.

Or call Toby/Bev on 01234 780 280. 


We are delighted to announce a collaboration with Sacred Stones which will seek to construct of the first barrow in Shropshire in thousands of years.  

Below is an artist's impression of the structure we hope to create and on which planning consultation is currently in progress. 

This follows the creation of the two beautiful new barrows at All Cannings, Wiltshire and at Willow Row, Cambridgeshire.  The same team of master craftsmen will be involved here.  

A site has been identified in open country on our farm a quarter of a mile to the north of the Manor House; between two natural ponds each surrounded by open copse of trees. The site has fine views to Hawkstone Hill -- a place of timeless quietness hosting a diversity of wildlife.  



Open days will be held from time to time, please follow this link to find dates and see details of other coming events at Soulton


When complete, this will be an enduring memorial space for our community, providing a timeless place for reflection and renewal and a beautiful, subtle and abiding monument. 

Further details/context about the project can be found on the Sacred Stones Website

The video below explains the project in more detail, looking at the building of the new Cambridgeshire Barrow at Willow Row. 

We have approached this project with a great deal of sensitivity.  We care for an ancient landscape with significant archaeology already on this farm and we have had some fantastic support and engagement from Cambridge University's Division of Archaeology, from Shropshire Council's Historic Environment Team, and we also undertook to visit a number of Neolithic sites to inform the design over a period of many months.  

Reflection and Community

When the barrow is established we hope it will foster community and provide a nurturing setting for reflection, memory and renewal.  There is an established custom of a permissive footpath in this area of our farm and we know that many of the people who use that path find it very restful to look at.  For example, the 300 or so lapwing that gather here in the winter.  We hope to include local and other interested people in some aspects of the physical build process too. 

The video below shows the sunrise at the winter solstice from the site.  In time the aligments of the barrow may further support and focus these ideas of community and mutally supportive engagement with the space that will be created and its context within nature. 


The project has been covered as follows:

  • By the Shropshire Star: 
  • By BBC Shropshire:
    • on radio here at 2hrs 21 mins and here at 2hrs 25mins
  • More genraly in national media here.

Cambridge University 

Professor Marie Louise Stig Sorensen, an archaeologist and heritage researcher at the University of Cambridge is following this project for research purposes; she is collecting data on how past monuments can inspire contemporary constructions and new uses.


Why revive the ancient custom of barrow building? 

Because the momuments are beautiful and useful and because they help people deal with a difficult but universal human experience. These ideas are developed in the audio below:

What exactly were/are barrows? 

They are intrinsically mysterious and that is part of their magic.  

We encourage you to go exploring and find one near you, and to begin doing some of your own research.  

Before you get started on that journey, you can get a useful insight into them from the article below:

Long barrow - Wikipedia

How would a barrow sit in the Soulton landscape? Why is this a suitable place?

This Manor has a long an interesting history, stretching over at least 1,000 years and already contains a number of monuments.  We have an approach to farming which is sensitive and interested in sustainability issues.  You can find furher resources in the article below: 

Soulton Hall - Wikipedia


Soulton Long Barrow Community Page

The barrow project has a Facebook Community you can join/view via the Like Box below:



Sacred Stones

This project is a collaboration with Sacred Stones, you can check out their latest tweets below:




All Cannings Barrow from the Air

Below is some arial footage of the barrow in Wiltshire, and how it sits in its lanscape.


"Standing with Stones"

For those wanting learn a little more, or to put this project in context you may find the 'Standing with Stones' programe sequence of programes useful: an epic tour of the ancient standing stones of Britain and Ireland, a quest of discovery uncovers the extent and variety of our incredible megalithic heritage.


Sunrise Alignment 

Memory and engagement with nature was important for early barrows, and is just as important  in the revival of the structures.  This is the mindwinter sun rise at All Cannings.  The plan here is to have a similar alignment on midsummer, with a light aperture looking to the winter sunrise.



This video of a flight over our farm at harvest time will give you a sense of the landsacpe the barrow will settle into:



The barrow site is surrounded by local wildlife: all of this below was filmed here in a couple of months of last summer:


Open Days

Building and involving the community from the very begining of the process is key to how we see this working to make a genuinly engaged and relevant monument for those that will find peace and memory there.  The 'Shropshire Star' filmed this short video on the first Open Day, which had a great atmosphere.

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