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The Soulton Long Barrow

Soulton Long Barrow and Milky Way

Three years of collaboration with Sacred Stones and researchers at Cambridge University has enabled the construction of a beautiful, sincere and enduring monument on our farm.

The Soulton Long Barrow is only the second such monument to have been built for 5,5000 years and takes its inspiration from the Neolithic period, and, like those ancient monuments, is a focus for honouring loved ones we have lost, for contemplation and celebration of live, and for supporting community and each other. 


Today’s placement. Intimate, simple, private. #AllByHand #secular #spiritual

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The barrow is aligned to the rising sun on midsummer's day, when complete will have an aperture which also addresses the sunset on Midwinter’s Day

Reserving a Niche

The first chamber (there will be four in total) is now about 30% reserved. 

For enquires about reserving niches in the barrow please make contact with Sacred Stones here, or alterntively call Toby/Bev on 01234 780 280. 

Open Days

There are periodic open days for the barrow. 

These are set out on the events section of the Soulton Hall website, which is best  found by scrolling down the home page (here), these are also on the our social media channels and on the Scared Stones homepage

Access at other Times

There is permissive access for the general public to the barrow site for the community, please park at the second drive for Soulton Hall (where there is a kink in a sandstone wall), safely cross the road to the north and follow the standing stones (pictured below). 


It is very important to communicate that the barrow is a special place, all are welcome there, but it has a particualr significance for people we care a lot about, and it sits in a wider farm we cherish.  For those reasons please treat it with respect and observe the countryside code while using the access, 


One of the important but initially surprising things about the barrow is the way it develops and sustains community and mutual support.  It is very uplifiting to observe.  There is a growing community around the barrow, some of whom are active on social media. 

You can see the group in the plug in below; the hashtage to use is #soultonlongbarrow if you wish to join in. 

An essay about the barrow was written by Tim which you can read here

The Arts 

The Soulton Long Barrow has actvated an inspiring amount of creativity for all kinds of artists attracted by both the requirement to create memorials and also by the power and beauty of the project -- you can find out more about this energy here

About the Project and the journey 

We are fortunate that this project caught the minds for BBC Midlands and also Micheal and Rupert of Standing with Stones.  Between the following three videos, a good sense of the motivations, the excitement and the fun and learning can be found. 



Soulton Hall Long Barrow

Michael here. Yesterday I was at Soulton Hall Long Barrow in Shropshire. Never heard of it? That's because it's brand new. In fact, it hasn't been finished yet. Nevertheless, great to be here and to meet Tim Ashton (Ashton TJ) whose parents own Soulton Hall and who farms the land, and @Toby Angel, whose company Sacred Stones Ltd is responsible for creating these barrows/burial chambers as alternative funerary/interment sites. I also met builder/heritage stonemason Martin Fildes and it was hugely informative to be able to be present here, in 2018, discussing the same problems of barrow building that our 5,000 year old ancestors did. A great privilege.

Posted by Standing with Stones on Monday, 25 June 2018






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Soulton Long Barrow and The Milky Way

What it Means to people 

The last word on this project belongs the the families the monument is built for -- Diana explains how she feels below. 





Sacred Stones

This project is a collaboration with Sacred Stones; their twitter feed is below




A few videos to help with context and the history of barrows are set out below. 

All Cannings Barrow from the Air

Below is some arial footage of the barrow in Wiltshire, and how it sits in its lanscape.


"Standing with Stones"

For those wanting learn a little more, or to put this project in context you may find the 'Standing with Stones' programe sequence of programes useful: an epic tour of the ancient standing stones of Britain and Ireland, a quest of discovery uncovers the extent and variety of our incredible megalithic heritage.


Sunrise Alignment 

Memory and engagement with nature was important for early barrows, and is just as important  in the revival of the structures.  This is the mindwinter sun rise at All Cannings.  The plan here is to have a similar alignment on midsummer, with a light aperture looking to the winter sunrise.



This video of a flight over our farm at harvest time will give you a sense of the landsacpe the barrow will settle into:



The barrow site is surrounded by local wildlife: all of this below was filmed here in a couple of months of last summer:


Open Days

Building and involving the community from the very begining of the process is key to how we see this working to make a genuinly engaged and relevant monument for those that will find peace and memory there.  The 'Shropshire Star' filmed this short video on the first Open Day, which had a great atmosphere.

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